Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bankster Economist Nominated for World Bank Position

American economist Jeffrey Sachs said he has been officially nominated to head the World Bank by at least one of the countries that has publicly supported him.

"It's been confirmed to me that my name has been put officially into nomination by one or more of the governments that has publicly endorsed my candidacy," he said.

Sachs is Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University.

According to its web site the Institute focuses:
...on the protection of earth's environment and the spread of social and economic opportunities for all people. We believe that dealing with issues such as extreme poverty must involve tackling issues such as environmental degradation, and lack of access to health care and education.
Translation: Major league tree hugging.

He is a member of the scientific committee of the Fundacion IDEAS, Spain's Socialist Party's think tank. He was also an adviser of many Eastern Europeam countries, after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In Poland he advised the government to place large blocks of the shares of privatized companies in the hands of "private" banks. Poland's banksters loved him.

Sachs believes foreign aid is the key to eliminating poverty in Africa.

Wikipedia tells us that:
He has also become a close friend of international celebrities Bono and Angelina Jolie...

Bottom line: Sachs is a tree hugging bankster with Hollywood connections. Oh joy.

Here's David Apgar on Sachs:
Jeff Sachs has always been the most outspoken advocate of development aid so it would be out of character if he were not outspoken about becoming the head of the World Bank. But there has always been a lingering concern about his projects and his approach to development. And it sheds a lot of light on where development, economics, and politics are heading even if it’s the wrong concern.

The concern is that because Sachs is so sure he has identified the best places to apply development aid – and so outraged aid offered to date has failed to meet his standards even for obvious causes such as health – he brushes aside risks like corruption and mistakes in program design


  1. Sachs is speaking at the Ex-Im Bank annual conference alongside Rahm Emanuel and Carlyle's Devid Rubenstein.

  2. Being a friend of Bono is like being a friend of Gaia or Mother Earth. Serious street cred.