Sunday, March 11, 2012

Consumer Credit Soars

Ben Bernanke money printing is out of control and is even reflected in consumer credit.

Total consumer credit rose 0.7 percent in January, marking the fifth consecutive monthly increase. Since January 2011, total consumer credit has increased in eleven of the last twelve months. Moreover, on a nominal basis, total consumer credit outstanding is down only $70.0 billion from its July 2008 peak. Compared to January 2011, total consumer credit is up 4.3 percent, representing the largest year-over-year increase in consumer credit since July 2008. Nonrevolving accounts continue to be the driver behind total consumer credit growth, increasing 1.2 percent in January.


  1. Does this include student loans?

  2. In our business, our corp. AMEX card is a sign for "small business". In the beginning we had no limit, then at the start of this mess they imposed a limit, then they cut the limit a time or two. Just this month they doubled the limit. Small business credit is freeing up as well. Not by much, though. Lines of credit that were severely restricted or closed have not changed.

  3. I like to replace the word "credit" with "debt". Not good.