Thursday, March 29, 2012

DC Gas Prices Now Over $4.00 per Gallon

Two months before the summer driving season officially starts, average gasoline prices in the Washington region have shot past $4, the earliest they have ever surpassed that milestone, AAA Mid-Atlantic said Wednesday, reports WaPo.

“For goodness’ sake, it’s only March, and this is the earliest point in the year that pump prices have soared to this price level,” John B. Townsend II, AAA Mid-Atlantic’s manager of public and government affairs, said in a statement.

“It took five months to reach this in 2011, and that took place just on the cusp of the summer driving season,” he added in an interview with WaPo.

Townsend  apparently doesn't understand what Ben Bernanke money printing can do, since he also added, prices were climbing, "this time around, for no apparent rhyme or reason other than exceptionally high crude oil prices, it is occurring less than three months into the year."

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  1. Now I am not saying that inflation isn't the biggest culprit, however, could the warmer then average winter not have anything to do with this as well? Just look at natural gas and the opposite effect it had there.