Thursday, March 29, 2012

CAUGHT: Anderson Cooper Fueling the Hate

Well, well, CIA puppy dog and Yale grad Anderson Cooper put on a show last night that was aimed at doing nothing but fueling hate. He showed parts of the Zimmerman video when Zimmerman was in police custody, "analyzed it" but managed for almost the entirety of the show to cut out the part of the clip that possibly shows a gash on the back of Zimmerman's head.

The video, I am the first to admit, is grainy and people will read what they want into it. However, the part of the clip that most clearly appears to show a gash on Zimmerman's head is at about the 1:04 mark.

Indeed, I received an email from a reader who wrote:
I'm assuming that you'll look at the Zimmerman video that the MSM is shouting, "There is no sign of injury on the video". That's BS, if you look at 1:04-1:07 you can see what is probably the gash on the back of his head from more than one angle. I have trouble believing that the MSM saw it too but they figure most people will believe them and not look too close.
Here's the video the way ABC ran it:

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Now, again, I admit the video is grainy, but at the 1:04 mark there is the possibility of a gash. So what does Anderson do? He runs the clip and cuts out the 1:04 mark.

I watched Cooper last night and he ran this version of the clip over and over (towards the end there was a possibility that he ran the full clip, but by then I had turned my head from the television and when I looked up it appeared there was more of the clip with Zimmerman walking into the station, but dozens of times he ran the edited clip). In other words, the part of the clip that most backs up Zimmerman's version of what went down is cut by Cooper.

This is not about the Zimmerman-Martin incident itself, its about the cute editing by Cooper. What's up with this guy?


Here's a freeze frame and close up from Daily Caller from the part of the video Anderson didn't show:


  1. Why doesn't someone interview the EMT that examined him and end this debate?

    Probably because then we'd be able to go back to focusing on things that matter- like monetary policy, foreign policy, the NDAA signing, the peace-time martial law executive order signing, or the IRS forming Swat teams..

    Instead, we're all being head-faked.

    1. Bread and circuses, bread and circuses...

      It's hilarious how everyone gets super interested in this movie The Hunger Games, but then fail at applying what they see in the movie to real life.

  2. Just like in "hunger games", it is good for the elite to keep the different oppresed groups fighting against one another...divide and conquer bitches.

  3. Meh. I wouldn't be surprised if CNN "photoshopped" the video, to edit out any traces of what they're trying to negate, and then releasing that. Probably happens a lot.

  4. Also note that at the 50 second mark the cop is examining the back of his head.

  5. I wonder why media still show an image when Treyvon was like 12-13 years old and not how he looked at the time of the event. He was apparently a pretty tall guy.

  6. The media's job is to appear incredibly creditable so they can get people to buy anything. It is the media's job, not to report, but to incite. To keep us fighting each other instead of our real enemy - our own government.