Friday, March 9, 2012

Did a Hot Mic Catch Obama Discussing Fraud Against RonPaul?

Alex Jones thinks its likely real. You decide.



  1. informative... thx Alex
    Incorporation ACTION into our days is new for US. Be patient, but thank you for the info.

    everyday... look, care & act on SOMETHING
    apathy ends... :)

  2. Please make videos available for iPhone users. They have not been playing for a while now.

  3. A "95%" chance that it is authentic.

    Alex Jones cracks me up.

    Personally, I can say with 100% probability that it is EITHER a fake OR it is not a fake OR it is something in between.

  4. I say fake. The cadence of speech was off. It sounded like someone trying to copy his manner of speech from his public speaking not a private conversation.

    1. It sounded like someone trying to copy his manner of speech from his public speaking not a private conversation.


      Along with the whole "he's done" dramatic kicker... what a joke.

      I have no doubt that Ron Paul got robbed and jobbed in Maine. But honestly -- fighting fraud with fraudulence really isn't the most effective way to fight this battle.

    2. More Rightwing Bullchips..TG from Roswell new mexico..

  5. I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you. Our government officials fixing an election? Lying to us? Perish the thought. (Wringing of hands - gnashing of teeth.)

    Grow the hell up people...

  6. I listened to it once, I say 25% chance that it is real...

  7. Sounds fake to me. The manner of speech sounded like it was him giving a speech, as if it was aggregated.

    Also, the last two phrases just sounded off.

    We don't need Obama to acknowledge corruption anyway.

  8. It's easy to test authenticity. Voice prints. Check out a known authentic sample of his voice versus this sample, and badaboom-badabing you have your answer.

  9. Alex Jones is a bullshit artist who speaks about 90% truth then fits in some amazing nonsense to help discredit the libertarian types. This is a good example.

  10. voice sounds fake to me. but obama's voice always sounds fake to me.

  11. I thought it was weird that they called a close election for Romney with 84% reporting and several pro-paul districts being postponed. Democracy is way over-rated.

  12. Sounds legit. Really does.

  13. Election fraud is a tradition that has a history about as long as democracy itself. (See here for an article that outlines the long tradition.)

    Unfortunately there does not seem to be a reliable "voice print analysis" technology at all - so this will probably never be resolved. (See here, there is a more scholarly discussion, also skeptical, here (PDF).

    Also there are lots are lots of amateur, professional, foreign and domestic hoaxsters out there too.

    Maybe pro-Paul people need to start working on their own Benford's Law based studies of the returns (see here and here.

    My very uneducated amateur reading is that this type of analysis should be within the capabilities and resources of Paul supporters, and there are certainly many technically skilled Paul supporters who could contribute here.