Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Exposed: TSA Body Scanners are a Giant Fraud

Jonathan Corbett, who has filed a suit against the TSA, has put out a brilliant video exposing why the body scanners are nothing but security theater. Corbett shows how easy it is to defeat the scanner.



  1. Does this make him an enemy combatant under NDAA 2012?

  2. Doesnt TSA require passing thru the metal detector before the pornoscanners?

    1. No, they dont. Often there is a choice between a body scanner or a metal detector and they are supposed to randomly choose who goes through what, but as reported by CBS news and others, they often choose the hot chicks to go through the body scanners and the guys and others to go through the metal detectors. I fly all summer for work, passing through dozens of airports, so if I get picked for a body scan, I opt out, in my desire to protect the thread of Constitutional rights I have left. So in a, you dont go through a metal detector first.

  3. so now the tsa will ask you to turn sideways. problem solved