Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Find a Ron Paul Supporter in the Emergency Room

I'm back on the west coast in San Francisco, which has resulted in my ending up at a hospital emergency room. I am fine. A friend needed some care.

The reason this news ends up in a blog post is that while my friend was being attended to, I sat in the waiting room waiting for her. There was a television in the waiting room turned to CNN. I wasn't really paying attention to it when a black guy stood in front of it and said, "There's my man, Ron Paul. He's the only guy that makes any sense."

This in itself would have struck me, but this occurs after I had a similar experience a little more than a week ago in a  New York City subway.

Is this total coincidence or is there rising interest in Ron Paul in the black community?


  1. I hope it is a sign that people are starting to take notice of Ron Paul as well as the astounding media bias that is taking place.

    Once you go "Ron paul" you never go back.....

    Ron Paul 2012

    1. Unfortunately, I am not sure it is a sign. I think there are a lot of blacks in the US who just are culturally skeptical of anything a figure authority tells them. That in itself gives them a huge head start on your average domesticated american ovis aries.

  2. Once you go Ron, you never move on!

    And even over here in Norway, Ron Paul, and the ideas he stands for, is gathering an increasing amount of support among young people.

    Good blog you have sir.

    Best regards,
    Boom Bust