Sunday, March 11, 2012

Watch Out, Julie Borowski Woke Up Cursing and Miserable This Morning

Fortunately, she is cursing the government, not us, and rightfully so. She writes:

If you woke up today feeling miserable, you’re not alone. As someone who is sensitive to jet lag and time changes, I’ve always dreaded Daylight Saving Time. Enough to write a blog post ranting about it. I woke up this morning cursing the government for making me feel terrible. Someone commented that I blame the government too much. No, no, no. Other people don’t blame the government enough. 
Government needs to stop screwing around with time. It is bad for your health, doesn’t save energy, cost a lot of money and is totally unnecessary....The name is dumb too. The government cannot “save” any daylight. We have exactly the same amount of daylight as we did before.
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