Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Once Knew A Woman...

...who seemed to have a black cloud following her around. She was incredibly brilliant, a research scientist with a PhD and MD. But still very depressed. If I remember correctly, I believe she was once even given eletroshock therapy.

I hadn't seen her for some time, when we met at some gathering. She seemed much happier than I had ever seen her. The worries of the world didn't seem to weigh on her (I didn't dare tell her what Bernanke was doing to the country). I learned that she was seeing a therapist that was really helping. The first time a professional was able to reach deep down and get to the core of this woman. Three months later the therapist was hit by a car and killed.

Most of us don't have clouds that deep following us around. There's a trick to balancing emotions and using reason.

James Altucher has some very intense emotional drivers that cause him to do some very funny things. But he also has a very sharp analytical mind, which causes him to self-explore in a way that few do. He is apparently seeing a psychiatrist. I have no idea why. I would think he could work a lot of things out by himself. And if he needs to talk to someone, he could walk into a bar and talk to a stranger. Strangers can be very sharp and perceptive, when they are discussing problems that are distant from their own,

Anyway,  Altucher's account of how he prepares for his psychiatrist visits, and then his explanation as to why you don't need one, is all right here.

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  1. Best guess, the woman you talk about suffered from GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). Second guess is, her therapy was CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Apparently it is quite effective at turning people with black clouds into normally worrying individuals.

    With what Bernanke is doing, it will likely be a booming industry. Only problem is, it only works when your mind seems to make problems much larger than they are. What I fear most is that the problems are actually bigger than we think, but saying this I realize that this may very well be a sign of me suffering from GAD, and thus CBT should probably work.

    ....wouldn't it be easier of Bernanke and the rest of the central planning committee just gave it a rest, so we could have less reason to suffer from anxiety disorders....? Just a thought.