Saturday, March 31, 2012

Indications as to What Krugman Might Title His Next Book

We all know the doozy of a title that Paul Krugman has chosen for his book coming out in April(?)

Judging from the post he has up this morning, the title to the book he is probably working on now is: How to End Deflation.

The post is a real laugher, you need to read it.

As I pointed out when the PCE was announced. Price-inflation can be seen as under control as long you don't eat, drink or use gasoline.  Prices for nondurable goods (goods consumed within a year) are up 4.3% in Feb versus Feb 2011. Food prices are up 3.9% and energy goods and services prices are skyrocketing. They are up 6.6% in Feb versus Feb 2011.

But, hey, I'm sure the prices of CDs that carry the terrible music Krugman posts on Fridays are dropping--along with the price of diapers.



  1. His Nobel Laureateness might want to read his own friggin paper.

    "Central banks’ quantitative easing policies, which leave more dollars, yen and euros chasing a finite quantity of the commodity, may also be contributing to the rise in prices.

  2. Maybe he should write a book called "How to scam the country and win a Nobel prize while doing so." With a forward by Barack Obama. At least he would be an actual expert in that field.

  3. Central bankers (and their hired publicists like Krugman) try to get people scared about deflation so they'll overlook what really happens under central banking, namely inflation.