Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Joe Weisenthal ‏ Confesses to the Negatives of Holding Only a Little Gold

The Business Insider blogger tweets:
FWIW: A) I own some gold B) Not that much, so my ideological opponents are much richer than me.


  1. I wonder if he understands that his ideological opponents are richer in that they have more *real money* then he does...

    And not that they can exchange it for a larger amount of helicopter Ben money.

    I'd bank that Weisenthal's definition of richer means the latter.

  2. what ever happened to the Robert Wenzel Show?

    RW: "Most likely, barring unforeseen difficulties, the first show will be on Sunday January 15 [2012]"

    do you need any help buddy?

    1. Actually, I have been on a pretty brutal travel schedule, as soon as things slow down the show will be back.

      But your comment does give me an idea. Maybe I should have Joe Weisenthal as the first guest and Henry Blodget as the second. Do you think they will accept the offer?