Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just In Time for Paul Krugman's New Book

California unemployment is at its lowest level in three years. California’s unemployment rate in January fell below 11% for the first time in nearly three years.The percentage of jobless workers fell to 10.9% from a revised 11.2% in December, based on a household survey.The unemployment rate was 12.1% a year ago.

The great recession is over, which may cause a depression in the sales of this:


  1. Man, we get it, you think his book has a stupid embarrassing title. Do you have to find a way to make every post about Krugman? It's like you've got some kind of sick fetish. If I wanted to read exclusively about Krugman, I'd go read Krugman in Wonderland.


    (Yes, it is a depression, even if we’re having some job growth; there was a lot of job growth between 1933 and 1937, but it was still the Depression)." - Krugman

  3. When this book is found in the $1 bin, will he call in deflation?

    1. The book will probably sell for $20. A cup of Starbucks will be $40. Krugman will say it's a huge success with massive worldwide demand.