Friday, March 9, 2012

Krugman Sees His New Book Sales Crashing

He writes:
OK, definitely a better jobs report than we have become used to. And terrific news for Obama; another six months of news like this and he’ll be in very good shape for reelection.
But not so good for a book coming soon titled like this:


  1. What are those arrows on the cover? Krugman throwing money and fiscal projects around with a blindfold?

    2. What about Obama's Keynesian advisors who said pass the Obama's jobs bill (Sept 2011) or face depression? What are they saying now? Are they scratching their heads?

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  3. I quite enjoy the "Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics" on the cover.

    What a joke.

    1. Krugman didn't get the memo from Obama that the depression will not occur until after the elections.

      The spinning arrows, the "Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics", the "End This Depression N*w", the author's name... you can't make this stuff up. Too funny!

    2. Hayek warned us:

      "There is no reason why a man who has made a distinctive contribution to economic science should be omnicompetent on all problems of society - as the press tends to treat him till in the end he may himself be persuaded to believe.

      One is even made to feel it a public duty to pronounce on problems to which one may not have devoted special attention.

      I am not sure that it is desirable to strengthen the influence of a few individual economists by such a ceremonial and eye-catching recognition of achievements, perhaps of the distant past.

      I am therefore almost inclined to suggest that you require from your laureates an oath of humility, a sort of hippocratic oath, never to exceed in public pronouncements the limits of their competence.

      Or you ought at least, on confering the prize, remind the recipient of the sage counsel of one of the great men in our subject, Alfred Marshall, who wrote:

      "Students of social science, must fear popular approval: Evil is with them when all men speak well of them"."

      Can you picture Krugman taking an oath of humility?

  4. Allready orded. Can't wait. He is such a terrific writer. Just his job better than anyone.

    1. "Better than anyone"??? Where have you been the last 5-10 years? Did you just get out of jail or something? Is that why you are so clueless? You obviously haven't been following this blog or Krugman. My guess is that you are either Krugman's mother, family member, or Krugman himself.

  5. Let me guess, Krugman's book is written around the thesis of stealing the future from our children so we can save our butts today? More (profligate)spending and more debt. Is that about it? What amazes me about the Keynesian fools is that technically we are following their economic model to a T since the start of the recession. We are spending/stimulating to the tune of $1.3T every year. Perhaps in their view it should be double that? What I also don't get about them is that they seem to put so much faith in demand side economics and yet these same loonies want to raise taxes on a group that represents 38% of all consumption in the economy. If they really believe this Keynesian non-sense then at least be consistent.

  6. This is hilarious! Krugman's other predictions:

    We have to worry about deflation in 2012!

    We need to spend more!

    We need to create more dollars!

    We need loosen credit for housing!

    QE2 will not cause commodity prices to rise unless demand is stimulated!

    We are in a Depression!