Friday, March 16, 2012

Krugman with a False Productivity Tip

He writes:
First of all, if you find the subject of a post boring, here’s a useful productivity hint: don’t read it. 
Krugman's first error in this comment is that boring doesn't equate with non-productivity, so I think Krugman is off here. Working on an assembly line may be boring, but it doesn't mean it is unproductive.

Further, reading Krugman can be very difficult on the deductive part of the mind, but reading it can be productively transformed into entertainment matter as I do here at EPJ.

So Paul, boring you are, but we'll keep on reading to decode it all for some great belly laughs.


  1. Comeeee on... I hate Krugman as much as the next man, but this post is just plain dumb...

    1. This wouldn't be a big deal if said by a non-economist. I think RW's point is that Krugman has made a glaring error, given that he is an NYT economist and Nobel Prize winner.

      the error clanks.

  2. "don't read it" is a pretty good tip with regards to anything written by Krugman.