Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nassim Talib: Ron Paul, The Only Candidate Addressing Structural Issues

Taleb gets it on Ron Paul and the coming price inflation.

Lear Yann at Benzinga writes:
Nassim Taleb, the best-selling author of The Black Swan, endorsed the presidential aspirations of Ron Paul. "From the risk vantage point, Paul is the only candidate that represents my values," he told CNBC earlier today.

"There are four key issues that no one else is addressing," said NYU Politechnic Institute and Oxford University professor, the first three of which he identified as the deficit, the Fed, and US militarism. "Then there is the notion that America is about resilience. You do not achieve that through bailouts," he told CNBC.

"I want a system that gets better after every shock. A system that relies on bailouts is not such a system," he said, noting that Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to take the risk to talk about the hot button issues.
"He is doing the equivalent of chemotherapy on the fundamental issues," said Taleb. "It may hurt, but that is the only choice you have. You cannot advocate for novocaine when in fact you need a root canal."

Noting that he trusted neither Democrats or Republicans with the deficit, he pointed that it did not matter to him whether Ron Paul did or did not have any real shot at the presidency. "The fact that he is attracting the youth, which four years ago overwhelmingly voted Obama into office says a lot about the discourse Ron Paul has opened into this country. It is in complete contrast from the clear lack of personal risk taken by the other candidates." Taleb noted, tendering his unequivocal support for Ron Paul's candidacy.

Taleb reinforced his opposition to current monetary policy saying he owned stocks as a mean to protect himself against inflation, as he did not have any faith in treasuries.


  1. Really like his comments about the youth & Ron Paul.

    I'm sure many Americans (who are used to thinking short-term) will just brush it off by saying "Ahh...they're just kids...what do they know?"

    But, as a long-term thinker, I believe this is a huge positive for the cause of liberty.

    -First, because the kids are learning they're getting the short end of the stick.
    -They have access to life-changing technologies, which create an environment of decentralization & specialization. A big monolithic state doesn't fit.
    -Those same technologies are used for communication & education. Two of the government's most prized possessions. Older generations have been fed a steady diet of propaganda their whole lives and have a hard time thinking any differently. Those days are gone.
    -Finally, it is well known that once you grasp the principles that Ron Paul teaches, you don't go back.

    So Talib is right...big picture is shaping up.

  2. Yeah! Taleb - one of my fellow bloggers on www.wilmott.com.

    I also posted a video of Taleb's CNBC interview here - http://www.wilmott.com/blogs/irismack/index.cfm/2012/3/13/Black-Swan-Author-Nassim-Taleb-Cheers-Ron-Pauls-Economic-Platform-CNBC-video

  3. If any Ron Paul supporters out there are reading this may I suggest this. You need to bypass the media and go straight to the heart of the matter. The best way to do this is to start an online petition stating the following. "I pledge that if Ron Paul is the Republican nominee that I will vote for him in November." "I further pledge that if Ron Paul is not the Republican candidate in November that I will either not vote or vote for a third party candidate." Put it online where anyone can read and sign it. Once the total gets to about a quarter million signatures the Republican Party wouldn't dare nominate anyone else.

    1. Go for it dude!

    2. We all know that online petitions have changed the world.

    3. It's comments like this that make me think the Republican race has a significant twist coming after all there is nothing wrong with Gary Johnson.

    4. I am ready to sign the petition. Where is it?

  4. I agree. Whether or not other people vote for him I am certainly writing him in if I have to if he is not in the general election.

    In their gut I think the youth know when politicians are lying, and they like a straight answer. It only helps that he's a consistent constitutional conservative who isn't afraid of freedom, and isn't afraid of addressing policies that don't work rather than someone who rules with no particular guiding principles to frame government except from the seat of their pants and their political weather-vane.

  5. Video of Nassim Taleb interview: http://youtu.be/_N4Tql8YHn0

  6. We need a internet petition asking that Ron Paul should be the candidate in November, I agree with that, I won't vote for anybody
    but Ron Paul period. I don't care about the others candidates, they
    are the same elite, helping the elite sucks the blood of the american
    people.We need the government to live us alone, and repudiate the
    police state laws in effect now.

  7. I completely agree with Taleb.
    Ron Paul is the only candidate with the cajones to address the very serious issues America is facing. Another serious issue Ron Paul has addressed that Taleb did not mention is the loss of our individual liberties from the Patriot act and other recent legislation.

    I sent a check to Ron Paul's campaign.
    If you want to make a difference, I suggest you do likewise.

  8. Here here! Ron or no one!


  9. I was not sure about Ron Paul until I read Richard Maybury's uncle eric series, which should be required reading for every American. Paul is obviously well versed in the history of economics and governments because his positions are the ONLY way to lasting peace and prosperity.

    1. Ron Paul picks up another one:

      NH Best Selling Author Maintains Ron Paul Only Presidential Candidate Telling America the Truth about America’s Economic Woes

      Anybody who knows anything real about economics supports Ron Paul

  10. Ron Paul is thee only one with the right solutions! They keep giving us the same lousy choices.It does not matter whether Obama or Santorum etc win - they are still controlled by the Elite.Paul is the only one who would make a change!
    Wish America would wake up and understand this!
    I agree I will not vote for anyone but Ron Paul and if he is not on the ballot I won't vote or I will vote for anyone but them.

  11. Exactly, it's Ron Paul or more of the same old same old. No other canidate is willing to make the changes to the system that is obviously failing the American People. Vote for Ron. Talk to your friends and acquaintances. Donate whatever you can. He doesn't take money from special interests. He doesn't change his stance to accomadate the current trends. His consistant message is clear. Pon Paul is one of a very elite group. An honest politician. I support him 100%, and if you don't, unfortunately you deserve what you will get. A hyper-inflated police state that in no way resembles the America that was created by the founding fathers, which was a true Republic with freedom and rights equal for every individual.