Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Former Counselor to Treasury Secretary Geithner Is New Goldman PR Chief

Richard Siewert Jr. has officially been hired to head Goldman's public relations team, reports DealBook.

It's all about access and Siewert will provide access for Goldman Sachs into the Obama administration, where Goldman's CEO Lloyd Blankfein has bumbled things.

Siewert is a total insider. He is a graduate of Yale, was telecommunications director at the Democratic Governors Association,  special assistant to the president at the National Economic Council  and press secretary for Bill Clinton administration..

Muckety reports under Connections:
Siewert  has direct or once-removed relationships with 429 people, organizations or other entities in our database of the most influential people in America. Under a scoring system that gives more weight to direct links, this score is higher than 93% of all entries.

Muckety reports under Influence:
Siewert has a Muckety influence index of 92 out of 100. This is a measure of power and reach compared with others in the U.S. leadership elite.
Bottom line: The man is a walking, talking influence peddler. Blankfein should be able to sleep well knowing that Siewert will be able to get Goldman into all the new bankster-government scams that will develop as the economy continues on its mad roller coaster ride.


  1. Obummer = insanity.

    Ron Paul = sanity.

    Time for REAL hope and REAL change.

  2. More elite at top of the elite,and the American people has to endure
    the total madness of these bankters with their own agendas,while our
    freedoms are taken away piece by piece. The American people has been
    brainwashed for a long,long time, it is hard to believe it,but look
    at the present situation, I don't see any light at all. We need to
    start a internet petition to nominate Dr. Ron Paul as the real american candidate, that is worth of trust an patriotism....

    FWIW : I trade indexes/indices, currencies, gold & oil (NOT STOCKS) but only daily just prior to close and then close positions latest EOD next day using just 3 simple indicators. For the hell of it I applied my 'system' to US financial stocks for EOD Monday March 12th, the day before the FED/Bernanke meeting with its 200+ rise. Lo and behold every single stock I checked showed probable down moves for Tuesday almost identical to the down move patterns predicted for the EUR/USD ..... except one stock which showed a prominent up move for Tuesday. No prizes for guessing which was the only stock that had an up pattern for Tuesday I could find! You guessed it .... Goldman Sachs. Revolving door? More like a stairway to heaven for GS.

  4. Goldman sachs is really running the country. Skimming every available dollar out of pension funds, CDS'S,derivatives,and the U.S tax dept. Of course this is allright.as their lobbists pay off the monarchy.

  5. If you 'amurican' folks think any of this is going to change
    except through some form of collapse brought on by these behind
    the scenes 'influence peddlers' and their popularity contest
    winning, Pillsbury general purpose weather vanes, you might as
    well continue to swallow lying fairy tales such as James Fenimore
    Cooper's Last of the Mohigans (Uncas was actually the son in law
    of the Pequot Indian tribe's chief whose people were massacred by British 'Puritans' who were afforded the convienience of support from this self appointed leader of the 'Mohigan' tribe which he formed along with seventy five renegade warriors who joined the Puritans in the Massacre at Fort Mystic in 1637 [Ten Days that Changed America by Gillion]) and historical deletions such as the smashing of the three year Whiskey Rebellion(1791-94)against the american government by a fully uniformed, sitting president (George Washington) with over thirteen thousand well trained and equipped federal troops! All of course occurrences conveniently excluded from american history texts!

    Chicago, Illinois