Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Ron Paul Blacks Carry Virginia's 3rd District

On March 6, Ron Paul carried one U.S. House district in Virginia, the 3rd district. That district is Virginia’s only black majority district. It includes parts of Norfolk and parts of Richmond, and a narrow string of territory linking those two cities.

The more and more anecdotal evidence I see, and now this, suggests that a good slice of the African-American community isn't buying mainstream, establishment propaganda and know that Ron Paul is the best thing that could happen to the black community. Freedom is good for everyone, except those who want to rule and control us.


  1. He won Detroit as well with about 5500 votes. However, Obama, running uncontested, took in 30K.

    Also, don't forget, a lot of white people live in these areas.

  2. "Freedom is good for everyone, except those who want to rule and control us."

    I think I'll hang that on my wall.

  3. woo hoo!! from the 3rd district here! was happy we could pull off a win for the good Dr.

    Ron Paul deserves the win (plus many others that may never see the light of day!) We spoke it!!

  4. Man, if the black vote went for Paul, maybe, just maybe we really would be in the post racial era.
    As it is I'm still waiting for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to sue Mark Twain cause he made the Duke and the Dauphin in H. Finn, white, instead of what they really were, black.
    But Heckle and Jeckle don't have as deep as pockets as Twain's estate or rep, so they can probably rest easy in re. to a copyright infringement suit.