Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Blacks Can Identify with Ron Paul

Iris Mack emails re my post on Ron Paul's 3rd District victory in Virginia:
A friend of mine put it so well: 
Blacks can relate to Dr. Paul.
He is getting treated like shit.
We know how that feels and sympathize with the brotha!


  1. Pure delusion. Blacks will vote 90-99% for Democrats. This is immutable as the law of gravity. I haven't seen the splits from the 3rd district, but I am curious to the ratio of black Ds/Rs in the district and the racial breakdown of those voters who are Republican.

    While Iris Mack may sympathize with Ron Paul (and many of those she may associate with) it's clear many of them will be huge net losers if the government shrinks and transfer payments to "vibrant" areas declines in kind. Voting against one's tribal and economic interest will take more than just the candidacy of Paul, I am afraid.

  2. Not really as blacks up until the 60s voted Republican; party of lincoln and all that, and since black 'leaders' were either assassinated or coopted by the state, perhaps now there is someone to vote for that offers a different vision, some maybe interested, maybe not a lot this time but a few is better than none.
    According to Prof. Higgs 1946 was disaster according to the numbers, but but nobody ever talks about the horror of switching from a warfare economy to a peacetime one, for all the talk of the horror of switching from a welfare economy I suspect it will easier than expected and the net losers will be only the Jesse Jacksons.

    1. The last presidential election in which the Republicans carried blacks was 1932 (Hoover vs. Roosevelt). Even though the Republicans indeed favored civil rights more than Democrats well into the 60s, the majority of blacks favored the New Deal/Great Society welfare policies more than civil rights/"civil rights" policies (and eventually the Democrats became more in favor of those too).

  3. Is there a deep racial (i.e. biological) difference among whites, blacks, etc for a propensity/affinity towards the libertarian model? This appears to be the case, and so when will this sensitive topic be discussed in earnest?

  4. FWIW One of the greatest evils of slavery was the splitting up of Negro families. Would be curious to see what percentage of families nowadays are split up because of government policies: imprisoned fathers (drug war), welfare disincentives?

  5. @anonymous, the reason most blacks don't trust libertarianism is because the remedies to their grievances have been delivered by the feds. Decentralization is associated with states rights which is associated with the Confederacy. How you can get from there to biology indicates your owned skewed paradigm. I listened to Harry Browne's "how to sell libertarianism" on youtube and what he says rings completely true. The ultimate motivation is "what's in it for me." Free markets, which reward glacial capital building as the source of advancement mean that today's generation must sacrifice their dreams for that of their children. This is an increasingly unpopular choice for everyone - not just black people.