Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Switzerland Buckles Before the Empire

Swiss lawmakers have passed a tax proposal seen as key to settling a U.S. probe into Swiss banks with hidden offshore accounts, Reuters reports.

Specifically, the plan would allow Switzerland to hand over data on suspected tax evaders, even if U.S. tax authorities cannot identify alleged offenders by name or bank account.


  1. Here ye, here ye people who make cool knives and stuff. The Emperor seeks data on "that guy".
    So just gives us everything and we will sort it out and get back to you.

  2. This is one nation where I would love to have citizenship too. While it is difficult to achieve this, maybe I have changed my mind.

  3. Swiss Miss got a big bribe I'll bet.

  4. It was extremely stupid for the Swiss to let their banking secrecy be destroyed by the Americans.

    Unlike Iran, a small and economically unimportant state which can be easily bullied, there is not a chance in hell that the Americans would embargo Switzerland or prohibit imports by it's companies.

    Just as most of the corruption in America originates from Wall Street (see Murray Rothbard on Wall Street Banks and American Foreign Policy), I imagine most of the corruption and weakening of Swiss laws was at the bequest of UBS and Credit Suisse keen to sell out their own privacy in pursuit of their mercentalist gains.