Friday, March 2, 2012

This Is How a Bankster Reacts when He Thinks He has Been Screwed (on a taxi fare)

Morgan Stanley investment banker W. Bryan Jennings, co-head of North American fixed-income capital markets, stabbed a cabbie he thought was overcharging him.

The stabbing is just now being reported at NyPo as Morgan Stanley has put the banker on a leave of abscence.

Jennings was charged Dec. 22 with stabbing a taxi driver with a penknife in a fight over the fare from Manhattan to his multimillion-dollar Connecticut home in Darien, Conn., police said.

Jennings’ lawyer claims that the taxi driver charged him an “exorbitant” $300 fee, refusing his offer of $160.

Can you imagine if "the people" took penknives to the banksters involved, during the recent financial collapse, in the robbery of trillions from the people?


  1. Why, hello to the real life Patrick Bateman.

  2. People don't know they got robbed. They printed the money. There was no change in tax policy.