Thursday, March 22, 2012

Was Barack Obama's Selective Service Card Forged?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is investigating the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate, as part of a determination as to whether Obama can be officially listed as a presidential candidate on the Arizona ballot. The inquiry has lead to an examination of Obama's selective service card.

Joe Kovacs writes:
Arpaio made special note about the issue of Obama’s possibly forged Selective Service Card.

“We had a press conference. A lot of people came. They were snickering, trying to embarrass me, [saying] this is a pony show trying to get publicity,” he said. “However, when we showed the Selective Service Card on the screen, you could hear a pin drop.”

Because of inconsistencies on the form itself – including an unusually incomplete date stamp – sheriff’s investigators suspect the form, which was allegedly filled out in Honolulu in 1980, may be a forgery.

Here's Arapio's clip on the selective service card.


  1. i dont get why the couldn't have just made a stamp with the correct date

  2. Wow. Joe Arpaio vs. Barack Obama?

    Not since the feds cracked down on Michael Vick have I wanted both sides to lose so badly.

  3. Oh, c'mon... Giants / Pats????

  4. Really, John? I hate (er, love the sinner, hate the sin) the cops, but I'd really think it'd be cool if Obama got busted on this and his puppet masters went down with him.

    Well,... a fella can dream, can't he?

    In the meantime, everyone else enjoys having the wool pulled over their eyes.

    ... And the beat goes on...

  5. Wenzel,
    Love your blog. Honestly, you have a lot to offer on economics to a broad group of people and this type of stuff is just not on point. Be a leader on economics. Not this stuff. Too many people's minds are closed to such thoughts but they are open to rethinking how economics work. You are a powerful writer and someone who can change many minds. This type of stuff poisons the well to some people and really, don't advance peace or prosperity.

  6. Capn Mike: I don't root for the Evil Empire in many things... but I am a longtime Patriots fan. Mwahaha...

    It's not the cops, per se. If it was Random Sheriff 'X' pointing this out, I'd gladly root for him. But I find Arpaio repulsive. He's made his name by being the prototypical &*^hole, powermongering sociopathic cop. (I don't feel like dredging up Arpaio stories: I'm actually having a decent day...)

  7. "Both sides losing" would, of course, include Barry going down. I just don't want Arpaio to get credit for it. If he can look like a clown while still managing to make Barry look like a fraud...

    See? Now *I'm* the one dreaming...

  8. Maybe they issue Selective Service cards in Kenya. Does Obama have one of those?

    That reminds me, why do we care whether Obama has a Selective Service card or not? Why would anyone bother forging one? It is very different from a birth certificate.

    On a similar topic, yesterday on this blog mentioned that Obama's grandmother in Kenya has protection provided by the Secret Service. This is actually more of a "house arrest", to keep her from blabbing about how she remembers her grandson being born in Kenya. She has been filmed saying so, a couple of times.

    1. It is required that you sign up for selective service if you want to be eligible to be President.

  9. Hypothetically, if these documents were shown to be forged and Obama was proved to not be a natural-born citizen, what would happen to all of the legislation he signed. Would everything be null and void?

    If Obama was kicked out of office, since Biden was elected on the Obama ticket would he, or the next in line to be president (Boehner) become president? I understand the constitution says the VP is next in line, but since it was written when POTUS and Vice POTUS were elected separately, would Biden be considered to be elected under the Obama ticket (which was unconstitutional), and his VPotus position null and void as well?

  10. And now even Pravda has picked up on the scandal and its implicatios

  11. Have any other selective service cards from the time frame near to Obama's shown the 2 digit year date stamp discrepancy?

  12. I wonder - if it is determined that Obummer is not an American citizen, can he be arrested on the grounds of treason for not allowing our unmanned drone that was hijacked by the Iranians to be destroyed? And if so, can all the reporters who refused to follow up on the fact that so much evidence shows he's not qualified to be in office also be arrested for treason?