Monday, March 5, 2012

What Does Warren Buffett Fear?

Warren Buffett, who always seems to find time for softball interviews, has canceled a press conference scheduled for after his company's annual meeting in May. The press conference has been something of a tradition

“We have decided to cancel Sunday’s press conference due to time constraints,” Carrie Kizer, Buffett’s assistant, said today in an e-mail to the press.

Is Buffett concerned that the press will grill him further on his call for higher taxes and his statement that he doesn't pay enough in taxes?

During a recent CNBC interview, Joe Kernan took a glove off and asked St. Buffett why he didn't just send a check to the IRS if he thought he was paying too little. Buffett danced around the question in feeble fashion. Does Buffett fear that more questions along the same line may be asked of him?


  1. Over the past 10 years gold has outperformed his stock by 3.5 times~Egon von Greyerz KWN

  2. The answer to Joe Kernan's question is obvious. If someone calls for a higher ante in poker, he wouldn't be happy if you told him that he is free to give more into the pot at any time if he wants to.