Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beatlemania Tame Compared to Ron Paul Crowd

The Washington Examiner reports:

Ron Paul spoke at UCLA last night with several thousand people showing up to create a scene that made Beatlemania seem tame...

The lines were akin to a rock concert with lines stretching for long blocks of the campus to enter the Straus Stadium at the Los Angeles Tennis Center (LATC) where Dr. Paul was speaking.  The campaign promoted the event as a Town Hall, versus a campaign rally.

The audience, estimated by the campaign at over 7,000 attendees, should give even the candidate's most ardent critics pause. Those there were mostly young, and articulate. They had genuine concerns and well thought out ideas as to why change is necessary.


  1. I was there, took me 20-25 minutes to walk to the end of the line

    1. I walked to the back of the line but I was worried I wouldn't get in so I walked back to the front and just cut in when they started letting people in. That line was crazy though.

  2. I would love to attend a Paul event. His ideas aren't just a change but a complete paradigm shift to wards liberty.

  3. I attended also. So great to see the man and hear him speak - live. To see so many like-minded people in the same place was amazing. 7,000 plus people who would take a bullet for a 76-year-old congressman. Truly amazing.

  4. The beauty of this is, 4 years ago I was at a USC Ron Paul event. Pretty small crowd of a few hundred or so? It was set up in the middle of the campus. I remember seeing young students just walking right by asking each other "who is Ron Paul?" Now seeing this just 4 years later shows what a massive influence he has had. No wonder the establishment is running scared.