Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Economic Scene in Southwest Florida

Chris Rossini reports in:
Hey Bob,
Down in Naples till the 19th...been here for a few days already and figured I'd share a few observations: 
  • Last night I was at Coconut Point, which is a gorgeous shopping area...They also have homes/condos for sale. During the boom were going for at 169k. 
  • Gas in the area is over $4/gal everywhere. 
  • Consumer prices seem to be mixed. I'm seeing things that are high...smaller packaging, etc. But also lots of deals. Ate at a beautiful restaurant last night at Coconut Point & it felt like a steal. So Bernanke money has not hit across the board in any sense.
  • Lots of empty shopping centers...the bubble and bust were massive down here as you know.

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