Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Market Railroad!!

Florida East Coast Industries has announced plans to build “All Aboard Florida,” a private passenger rail line that would connect Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Orlando. FECI is planning to do this without government subsidies — which could make this the first self-funding passenger rail line in the United States in half a century. Go FECI!

As Brad Plumer notes, one bogus claim is that a passenger trains can't pay for themselves. Of course, if you have the government subsiding you, why be efficient? And why actually put train service where service could be profitable.

As for FECI, the company plans to spend about $1 billion upgrading freight tracks and extending them to Orlando. By 2014, All Aboard Florida plans to have an initial passenger route between Miami and Orlando that will take three hours — it takes four hours by car.


  1. The John Galt Line?

  2. Will eminent domain factor into its construction?

  3. Yes I think this may be the first instance since the Great Northern Railway!

  4. Paging Dagney!!!

    So, if you say it's name out loud, does it not seem to have an unfortunate homonym???

  5. FYI: The Railroading of the American People
    Presented in Fall 1986 at New York Polytechnic University. Recorded by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. [1:32:38]