Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hollywood Star All Talk No Action When It Comes to Communal Activity

I would really like to see Obama on a commune, but Adrian Grenier is just as much fun.

NyPo has the details:
"Entourage" star Adrian Grenier was kicked out of his food cooperative in Brooklyn, N.Y., for failing to work his required shift, The Daily reported Wednesday.

The Park Slope Food Co-op, a notoriously rule-obsessed organic food emporium, requires all participants to work "two hours and 45 minutes once every four weeks," according to its website.

"At this rate, every member works 13 times per calendar year," the website added.

But an insider revealed Grenier, 35, had not shown for his scheduled shift and "now he can't shop there anymore."

A member who answered the co-op's phone Tuesday refused to talk about Grenier.

But in 2009, Grenier sang to a different tune, telling New York Magazine that he was diligently pulling his weight to support the effort.

"The reason why I'm part of the co-op is that I don't get special treatment," he said in October 2009. "Everyone contributes. It's a relaxed, sensible sharing of work that needs to get done."

He did say that he had to double up on shifts some months because he lives in Los Angeles for part of the year.

"I do it because of the sense of community. And I believe that effort and contribution toward something communal is healthy for somebody's psyche," he added
I didn't know you could get kicked out of commie playland, sounds as though the commune isn't always community friendly to those who suffer from a lack of desire to work. Does this mean there are no food stamps or welfare stamps in Brooklyn's version of commievile? I also didn't know that commies were allowed to gossip to the capitalist press about fellow commies.


  1. Send him to the gulag for "re-education"- he's obviously not smart enough yet to know to do as he's told in that kind of society...

  2. To be fair, Adrian Grenier isn't really a "star".

  3. "Must work two hours and 45 minutes once ever four weeks."

    "But an insider revealed Grenier, 35, had not shown for his scheduled shift and 'now he can't shop there anymore.'"

    That sounds to me like a voluntary contract. They have those in commie, hipster Brooklyn (or do I triple repeat myself)?

  4. I don't think we should be so harsh on communes. As long as they aren't imposing their rules on outsiders, they don't hurt anyone. And they're a good teaching model--they have to punish freeloaders like Grenier. They're all learning a lesson on hard work and productivity.

  5. Hey, if it's voluntary, then more power (lol) to them!

    And if some slacker isn't pulling his wieght and they wanna trow him out...? How is that different from the free market?

    Say, can I get the same deal with the federal, state, county, ISD, city, neighborhood association?