Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bernanke and the Banksters

After completing a series of public lectures in Washington, D.C. last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke quietly slipped into New York City for a private luncheon on Friday with Wall Street executives, reports Fortune.

All the usual suspects were there for the feast. Fortune has learned that attendees included Jamie Dimon (J.P. Morgan), Bob Diamond (Barclays), Brady Dougan (Credit Suisse), Larry Fink (Blackrock), Gerald Hassell (Bank of New York Mellon), Glenn Hutchins (Silver Lake), Colm Kelleher (Morgan Stanley), Brian Moynihan (Bank of America), Steve Schwarzman (Blackstone Group) and David Vinar (Goldman Sachs).

The lunch was held at the New York Fed, and hosted by NY Fed president William Dudley. I will be speaking at the New York Fed on April 25. I have a team of selected EPJ readers assembling data for my speech. The data being assembled by the EPJ team will rock your socks.


  1. Any chance in hell you can get speech on youtube?

    Or do the bowels of hell restrict camera use?

    1. YES! Please film this presentation if possible!

  2. Give 'em hell Robert! If you can even get through to one person on the board I would look at it as a success!

  3. Make sure someone takes minutes, or a video, or audio, or some record.