Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Bad are Foreign Exchange Markets Manipulated?

Here's what James Altucher thinks:
 How bad are the forex markets being manipulated by big banks? 
Here are the things NOBODY should trade. 
- Houses. House flipping is OVER unless you are going to totally rebuild a foreclosed house by yourself and even then I’m not so sure. 
- Stocks. For reasons I list here and here. 
- Spouses. Too expensive. Too much stress. Try to avoid. 
- AND MOST ESPECIALLY: Forex/Currencies 
Every currency, the value of every penny in your pocket, is massively manipulated by governments, by enormously wealthy families hedging international risk, by forces we have no idea even exist, by mega-banks that have so much cash in them hidden by corrupt governments that we can’t even imagine how poor Bill Gates is in comparison.
And then there’s you. With a whistle. Whatcha gonna do?
He also has calculated that  probably at least 35 million women would be ok with having sex with you. His calculations to reach this number are here.


  1. James Altucher nailed it!

  2. I'm more interested in these 35 million women that wouldn't mind sexing me...

  3. It's sad to think that manipulations exists in the Forex market. As far as I know, Forex market is a huge market that cannot be manipulated or intervened by the government and rich people, but in this case, it seems as if the forex market is turning into a dirty market. I hope it won't continue to ruin the integrity of this market. This will surely affect those who are trading in a small amount of penny. binary options trading