Sunday, April 29, 2012

Russia Expects a War Against Iran This Summer

It's not often that I link to the World Socialist Web Site at EPJ, but they have a detailed and sobering analysis of what an attack on Iran by US/Israel would me to the broader region surrounding Russia. From WSWS:
Russia has undertaken intensive preparations during the past few months for a possible military strike by Israel and the United States on Iran. According to recent reports, the Russian General Staff expects a war against Iran this summer, with enormous repercussions for not only the Middle East but also the Caucasus.
Russian troops in the Caucasus have been technically upgraded, and a missile division situated on the Caspian Sea has been placed in readiness. The missile cruisers of the Caspian flotilla are now anchored off the coast of Dagestan. The only Russian military base in the South Caucasus, located in Armenia, is also on alert for military intervention. Last autumn, Russia sent its aircraft carrier Kuznetsov to the Syrian port Tartous following the escalation of the conflict in Syria. Experts believe that Russia would support Tehran in the event of war, at least on a military-technical level.

In a commentary in April, General Leonid Ivashov, president of the Academy of Geopolitical Science, wrote that “a war against Iran would be a war against Russia” and he called for a “political-diplomatic alliance” with China and India. Operations were being undertaken throughout the Middle East in order to destabilise the region and proceed against China, Russia and Europe. The war against Iran, Ivashov wrote, would “end up at our borders, destabilise the situation in the North Caucasus and weaken our position in the Caspian region.”

Of central concern for Moscow are the consequences for the South Caucasus in the event of a war against Iran. Armenia is the only ally of the Kremlin in the region and has close economic links with Iran, while neighbouring Georgia and Azerbaijan maintain military and economic ties with the United States and Israel.

The Kremlin fears above all that Azerbaijan could participate in a military alliance alongside Israel and the United States against Iran. Azerbaijan borders Iran, Russia, Armenia and the Caspian Sea, and since the mid-1990s has been an important military and economic ally of the US in the South Caucasus, housing several American military bases.
Read the full report here.


  1. There won't be a war. The only winner would be Bibi and his bunch of neofascist crazys, everyone elsewould be losers.

    1. The military industrial complex, the fed, and the state would come out as winners. Nothing invokes lock step obedience like war

  2. I have that strong feeling that most US prez do not fully grasp the consequences of getting in fight with Russia. These consequences would be dare to all parties involved, but the arrogance of this country "leadership" doesn't let them to admit it, step back, and mind their own business.

    1. I agree 100%, America should just leave Iran alone. It is all for money which is ridiculous.

  3. Woe. The need for "More!" (More oil, more natural resources with which to maintain their "Non-negotiable way of life".) shall lead America to do Bibi's bidding.

    The consequences of such can readily be seen:

    The further destruction of the Middle-East; and the use of all nuclear and other weapons of mass murder as the forces of greed that drive all such madness decide to destroy that which they can not otherwise possess.

  4. There have been news stories about USAF deployment of F-22s to the Persian Gulf region. See here.

    Is this a step to war? Or just new age sabre rattling? Even if it is "just the later" it is dangerous.