Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to Get Kicked Out of the Boston Economic Club

Pasha Roberts, Director & Producer, at SilverCircle, emails: read your amazing Fed speech. I can just see the ripples flowing through the web now...

It reminds me of how I was unceremoniously kicked out of the Boston Economic Club, which meets in the Boston Fed, a couple of years ago after they found out about Silver Circle. I found the extreme level of their anger and outrage to be more entertaining than threatening. I can tell from the web logs, in fact, that the complaints against me in that case ORIGINATED from the Richmond Fed office, and then flowed to the Boston Economic Club board. I haven't tried to enter a Fed building since, but assume I'm a permanent black list at the front desk, though it's possible that their security is not that well coordinated.

Anyone who tells you that there is a free and open exchange of ideas in economics, or maintains that there is not a Fed-centered orthodoxy, has never actually tried to fight the orthodoxy. Well played, sir, and I hope you get an interesting reaction as well.

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  1. "fighting Fed-centered orthodoxy" -sound sooo gentile, sooo polite.Its more like "Scumbag-centered- sheeple tested scam".