Saturday, April 21, 2012

Orrin Hatch: I Love Ron and Rand Paul

Just a week ago, Orrin Hatch said he wanted to punch out libertarians.

The tough guy Senator must have gotten a couple of emails on the subject and has buckled to his knees.

ABC reports:
[A]t a delegate open house here Thursday night, Yahoo News caught Hatch, who would benefit from libertarian support at Saturday's GOP convention, singing praises for libertarian-turned-Republican Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas congressman running for president.

Hatch was asked Thursday to comment on the current monetary system versus the one outlined by our "Founding Fathers." And without any additional prompting, Hatch issued his opinion of Paul. "I think that Ron Paul has some good ideas in that area and I do think that the Federal Reserve should be audited," Hatch said. The senator then defended Fed chairman Ben Bernanke as someone "sincere," "dedicated," "smart," and who makes himself available to Hatch, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee.

"Ron Paul raises a lot of issues. This is one area where he's, I think, is for the most part right," Hatch said.

"I happen to like him. I like his son, Rand, very much. He's been a very good addition to the Senate. He's low-key, soft-spoken, very dedicated to what he believes. And I respect people who are honest and dedicated to what they believe."


  1. the saying in washington is "don't count your Hatches until they've chickened"

  2. The fact that Hatch thinks the libertarian, Ron Paul faithful would ever support his statist behind, shows just how out of touch he is with the liberty movement. He would never get such support, so why pander to them? All these establishment types think the Ron Paul movement is some flash in the pan nightmare, and soon enough, we'll all toe the line and be good Republicans. I look forward to disappointing them in the coming years.

  3. Pretty sure his first statement was how he really feels. Hopefully they get him out. The guys been in there too long anyway.