Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orrin Hatch Pushed into Primary

The Utah Senator who threatened to punch libertarians has ended up getting punched himself.

Hatch will face off against conservative former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist in a June primary after the six-term incumbent failed to win 60 percent of the vote at the state Republican convention on Saturday.

Hatch took 57 percent on the first ballot and then 59 percent on a second ballot, one on one fight against Liljenquist. Hatch needed to win 60 percent of the vote to avoid a June 26 primary.

A day before the convention, he said Ron and Rand Paul were great guys.  A little late for that.


  1. "A little late for that." LOL!!

    Yeah, Orrin, where the hell have you been, in your praise of Ron and Rand? You suddenly remember that you and the Pauls are BFFs, THE DAY BEFORE YOU ARE UP FOR RE-ELECTION! What a coincidence!

    So, now that the dust is settling, are you going to endorse Ron Paul for President? We are waiting to hear!

    This reminds me of Jim DeMint in January, encouraging people to pay attention to Ron Paul's libertarian ideas, but nowhere close to an actual endorsement. We saw through this, as DeMint saying, in effect, "you should parrot Ron Paul's ideas, just long enough to get the suckers to vote for you", and then of course no actual endorsement of Ron Paul himself forthcoming.

    "Traditional" politics at its worst!

  2. If, say, Sarah Palin threatened to slap liberals, this kind of statement would be painted as incitement to political violence.

  3. Anyone that thinks Tea Partiers are Libertarians doesn't understand either. One more indication of how out of touch Hatch is after 36 years in the Washington swamps.