Friday, April 20, 2012

Palin Warns Obama: Secret Service May Be Ogling Michelle

Sarah Palin says the recently fired Secret Service agent who bragged about “checking her out” while protecting the former GOP vice presidential candidate during the 2008 campaign has gotten what he deserves.

"Well, check this out, buddy -- you're fired!" Palin said this morning on Fox News.

"It's like, who's minding the store around here?" she told Fox. "The president, for one, he better be wary, there, of when Secret Service is accompanying his family on vacation. They may be checking out the first lady instead of guarding her."


  1. Is it a slow news week? While this story is great, i can't quite figure out why it has continued for so long compared to solyndra or the GSA conference in Vegas or Holder's fast and furious supply of weapons to drug gangs? is it just because its not that important and involves sex?

  2. Also this comment is ridiculous. Michelle is hideous and nobody would ever "check her out".

  3. One of my guesses is that it was an international distraction from all the south and central american leaders calling for an end to the war on drugs.

  4. @Heath

    Ah, but, have you seen many articles on the sixth Summit of the Americas?

    Any about its main agendas, which included the legalization of drugs, the ban on Cuba's participation in said summit, the Falklands, and, that old chestnut, but still a goodie, monetary policy as played by the central banks?

    No? How about call girls and the US SS?

  5. Heath, I think it has lasted so long because it appeals to the teenaged mind of mass-man. I mean, look at Palin's response, it seems like something a teenager would write.

    And, it's a great non-story distraction from real issues, fits right in with the drama of Dancing With The Stars.

  6. @Heath

    The guys over at No Agenda provide a pretty interesting explanation. Check out Episode 400 here where they talk about it (I believe within the first 30 minutes or so).

    Basically, world leaders in Colombia were meeting to discuss, among other things, the worldwide drug war. Many of them communicated their openness to ending the war on drugs. This, of course, makes Obama look weak seeing that many world leaders are opposing what his platform is, namely, continuing drug criminality in the United States. There is a lot more to this media distraction, and I would recommend checking out the show for a lot more detail.

    1. Yes, another thought provoking hypothesis from No Agenda.

      In summary, the hypothesis is that the Secret Service collectively threw their bodies in the way of a political bullet aimed at the President. A great distraction from the calls to end the drug prohibition that is fuelling gang wars killing thousands of people in Mexico and central america.

      No Agenda's Adam Curry further argues that this political use of the Secret Service actually related to the agency's primary Treasury and financial function. The war on drugs and the prohibition inflated profits of the drug gangs are, he claims, a significant asset for the US banking system. They financial network could no more afford to end the war on drugs than Obama's political career could survive any serious debate of the issue. Hence the double purpose need for a media distraction.

      Of course whether this was a planned outcome or a happy coincidence for the administration is another matter. My guess is that the mainstream US media, especially with a liberal President in the White House, would simply ignore the Central American criticisms of US policy anyway.

      As for the involvement of major US banks, including Warren Buffet owned operations, in large scale money laundering, see this Max Kaiser Youtube. (See here.)

  7. I enjoyed the article linked.

    Just wondering...were the top-secret security clearances of the prostitutes lifted, too?