Thursday, April 5, 2012

Raising Crane

Who knew it was this ugly inside Cato?

In the latest episode of the power opera, we learn that the Koch brothers place on Cato's board of directors two Beltway conservatives that could hardly be considered libertarian. Cato's president, Ed Crane, reacts in a fashion similar to the manner in which Nikita Krushcev did during his infamous shoe banging incident at the United Nations.

Breitbart News reports:
Bill Niskanen, a longtime leader at Cato, had just invited comments from these new board members. Following up on from a discussion about the future of Cato and its policy prioroties, Crane had exploded as Ms. Pfotenhauer offered her question. 
Pfotenhauer's question was innocent enough. Since Crane had been reporting on Cato’s recent capital fundraising drive, and plans for expansion of its physical space, Pfotenhauer asked what the future vision and plans were for Cato’s policy personnel. 
That’s when Crane moved to end the discussion.

“I am so sorry if my question was inappropriate,” said Pfotenhauer. “All I wanted to do was to acknowledge the prowess of your policy team.”

Crane, his face flushing red, then rose from his seat. "Let me say something about these two new Koch operatives who have been placed on this board."

And then, pointing his finger at Kevin Gentry, another new board member who had not yet spoken, Crane bellowed, "Kevin Gentry seated over there, has never once -- never once! -- invited me or any Cato scholar to speak at the donor conferences he organizes for Charles Koch."

Then Crane stormed out of the room, leaving the dinner he was hosting.

“I have never seen anyone behave with that little decorum,” says Ms. Pfotenhauer today. “It was a shocking and juvenile display of puerile nastiness.”

It must have gone down something like this:


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  1. Why would anybody donate money to these prima donnas?