Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Easter Ham is Going to Cost You

Thank you, Bernanke. The cost of hog feed has been going up, reports MSNBC. Feed, which is mainly corn, is running just above $6 a bushel. This resulted in higher  ham prices last year and the same higher prices this year.

Ham has been selling wholesale for 75 to 80 cents per pound this spring, which is in line with last year's prices but well above the 55 cents per pound average for the previous five years. But, hey, if you are just a consumer of diapers, this is no big deal for you.

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  1. But hey, look on the upside, because according to the "experts", that's not inflation. If you substitute an Easter ham with an Easter bowl of rice, the price goes down. So enjoy your Easter rice everyone, and while you are eating it, you can thank Bernanke for taking such good care of our economy.