Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Swiss Arrest Warrants for German Tax Inspectors

From Germany's Spiegel:
Tensions over tax evasion have flared up between Germany and Switzerland once again with the weekend announcement of Swiss arrest warrants for German tax inspectors accused of industrial espionage. The spying charges have opposition politicians so riled up that a tax evasion prevention deal currently under negotiation between the neighboring countries may now be at risk.

While both countries have signalled their willingness to sign the deal, they still need parliamentary approval -- which is now at risk after Swiss prosecutors on Saturday issued arrest warrants for three German tax inspectors from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The officials had federal approval to buy stolen bank information leaked from Credit Suisse in 2010, a move that triggered a wave of tax declarations by Germans seeking to avoid tax evasion charges.
Hmm, arrest warrants for tax inspectors.


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  1. "Hmm, arrest warrants for tax inspectors."

    Sounds like a good start. We'll know there's real progress when a state Attorney General sends the State Police to arrest the local IRS office.