Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Coming May Uprising?

Adbusters, the outfit responsible for launching the Occupy Movement, is planning a major Spring offensive. Do they have the followers to pull it off? It's not clear, but they are thinking big.

This comes from their Tactical Briefing #28:
Our Spring offensive is building toward a climactic May uprising… time to come out of winter hibernation and play jazz like we’ve never played it before.

May 1 we leap into the new world with a mighty multinational General Strike. Wherever you are, No Work; No School; No Shopping. No illusions. No apologies. No business as usual. Into The Streets!

May 12, we intensify with three days of global action. Jammers in London, Lisbon, Paris, Marseilles, Helsinki, Cuzco, Barcelona, Quebec are already on board with more on the way. We’ll hold our assemblies, hash out our demands and start building a parallel society that can sustain autonomous, horizontal, revolutionary communities outside of corpo-consumerism … we stop begging and we start creating … we begin the change we want to see.

We scared the G8 away from Chicago and now some occupiers are planning #OCCUPYCAMPDAVID – a cacophonous carnival of tree-sits, lockdowns and nomadic encampments in the woods and nearby Thurmont. Bon Voyage! Others are upping the ante with #OCCUPYCHICAGO – a mobilization of anarchic swarms to shutdown the NATO summit.

And then one of the softer aesthetic moments of our Spring offensive could well be the #LAUGHRIOT on May 18, the day the G8 leaders meet in Camp David. There is something totally ludicrous, absurd, even insane about the eight most powerful people in the world deciding to do the people’s business people behind closed doors and razor wire fences. This veneer of legitimacy is our tragedy turned to farce.

As Aristotle observed, to laugh is uniquely human… Imagine the scene: first a few hundred of us, then a few thousand, then millions of people across the world — each in their own way, some individually, some collectively in flash mobs, offices, parks, encampments — all breaking out in uproarious laughter on May 18. This could be a delicious defining moment - the day when the people of the world have a good laugh together and, from that point on, start thinking differently about how the world should be governed.

Then we get ready for our next big challenge: How to Occupy the U.S. Presidential Election on November 6.


  1. May 1st is a genuine labor strike day. Every year, the media either blacks it out or construes it as being about something else (I think last year it was sold as an immigration march). So it looks like the OWS movement is going to co-opt it this year... You know... down with capitalism, free will, etc. It's either that or the MSM is left to report on a genuine labor movement that is fed up with the corporatocracy.

  2. Another stinky mess of lefty's a laugh riot of ignorance! Time to carry at all times.

  3. "start thinking differently about how the world should be governed...."

    Note how they don't think that there shouldn't be world government, just that it should be "different".

  4. Useful Idiots!

    BUT... maybe a canary in the mine shaft.

    Enough police brutality and maybe even the zombified Amerikan populace will sit up on their couches.

    Kinda almost worked in the sixties...

  5. "How to Occupy the U.S. Presidential Election on November 6."

    And who are these useful idiots going to vote for? The doofus who's already in charge of the machine, or the other doofus that wants to run the machine?

    They think they're striking blows for freedom, when they're just slaves picking masters.