Monday, April 9, 2012

Swiss Banks Starting to Close Bank Accounts of Americans

An international business executive, who has good reason to have a Swiss bank account, even in the eyes of the US government, just got her account closed. She emails:

Much to my chagrin, I was informed a couple of weeks ago that Swiss banks are CLOSING numerous banks accounts of U.S. citizens.
Even though they apologized profusely to me about having to close my account, but essentially they said that they have had enough with the U.S. and the IRS.


  1. And there is little doubt that the government of the United States will consider this a victory.

  2. And the Swiss faced down the NAZIS?!?

    What does that say about Amerika??

  3. Change your citizenship; keep your Swiss account. No brainer.

    1. I'm a tax lawyer. I have defended dozens of these cases against the IRS.

      I have a client who is a dual citizen: USA and Switzerland. She was turned away from the bank when she tried to open an account in Switzerland.

      She lives there. With her husband. And children. And has lived there for a Very Long Time.

      I have a thriving business in terminating U.S. citizenship for people. Most of them end up living in high tax countries, so it isn't the income tax they pay that matters.

      For those of us who live outside the bubble of Washington DC, the reason that people cancel their U.S. passports is obvious. Inside the bubble, there is total mystification and puzzlement.

  4. Just as the world shunned Apartheid South Africa, tourists, businesses and banks are saying that travel to America is off the agenda and Americans are persona non grata: "Your money is no good here".

    The entire Earth is sick and tired of the warmongering, the currency debasement, the dehumanization and sheer arrogance of the American government. Normally you would excuse the American people for the ill mannered, illogical and immoral acts of 'their government' but their deafening silence is just too much to bear anymore. They are accountable because they refuse to hold their government to account.

    It is my sincere wish that the American get their act together and elect Ron Paul. If they do not, they will find, in the end, that everyone can in fact do without them and their worthless 'dollars'.

    What a shame and a waste!

    1. I agree with you. This may be one of the best things that have happened in a while. When the rest of the world says "f'k you, America," something has to change. The neocons will want to bomb more people. Hopefully, the R3voLution will have convinced most people that the problem lies with America and not the rest of the world.

  5. Keep your net worth in USD screwed... in Euro same. Gold and silver your still prone to manipulation by JP Morgan and HSBC ( Real estate still exposed to economy, unemployment in US. Now Swiss bank accounts won't let you hold $ there. Finding it harder and harder to maintain wealth let alone earn a return. Maybe best to bet against Euro zone if you cannot afford to invest in P.E. like Instagram...Government after your money if 4 more of Obama and government also maintains monopoly on oil drilling (real, producing asset).