Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wells Fargo Analyst: Housing Recovery May Have Started

Is Bernanke money printing finally impacting the housing market?

A Wells Fargo analyst’s research report said data from 20 select markets nationwide are showing strength across the board, reports MarketWatch.

“For the third consecutive month, our survey points to an improvement in orders suggesting 2012 may be the long-awaited recovery year for housing,” the note said.

The WF report, the Neighborhood Watch Survey,  tracks 150 sales managers at housing tracts in 20 markets. In March, it showed that  results were strong across all measured metrics. In particular, the survey noted that March’s numbers surpassed poll participants’ expectations by the widest margin since the survey started, in 2001.

WF said that pricing in the 20 markets also improved, both month-to-month and over year-ago figures.

“Sales managers suggested there is a sense of urgency in the marketplace as buyers anticipate higher home prices and/or mortgage rates,” the report said.

Regionally, the data show that the strongest markets in March were Phoenix, Northern California, Chicago, Denver, and Indianapolis. Philadelphia, Orlando and Tampa were the weakest.

“March historically is the most important month of the year for new home sales, which makes this month’s results even more significant as it suggests momentum is building, which could further motivate on-the-fence buyers,” the report concluded.


  1. Don't bet on it. Eye of the storm here. The Bernanke money flood has less effect each time he cycles the spigot. There is still a huge backlog of foreclosures in the pipeline set to hit the market soon. The piper WILL get paid eventually.

  2. I think you are deaf ,dumb and blind. A housing recovery? Where? Hey a 10% improvemevt after falling 55% is only 4% of a much lower number.

    Kinda like saying 100% X zeo is actually something when we all know it is nothing.

    The Derivatives can't be sold and are stii on the books. Total debt is some $6 Trillion more than when Obama took office. Instead of wiping out the bad debt...(which a real free market would have done...we are moving away from free markets. Bernanke and Obama are moving away from transparency and predictibility needed by business and toward continual state intervention. Moving away from open trading and Mark to Market realities and toward constant government interventionist policies and FED mark to model market distortions. Both the EU and The FED need a plastic stomach because their head is stuck up their arse and they can't see where they are going.

  3. No a study commissioned by Obama

  4. This sounds like wonderful news. However without knowing the "20 markets" it's totally useless!!!

  5. Oh please, an "analyst" from Wells Fargo, the bank that holds more home mortgages than any other, says there's gonna be a recovery in housing. Gee. that's not self-serving or anything.