Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Elitist Hypocrite: This Time about Taxes

First, we had the case of Hawaiian pothead Barack Obama as President enforcing laws that put millions in jail for smoking pot. Now, we have the case of a global elitist bitching about Greeks not paying taxes, when she doesn't pay a penny in taxes on her enormous bureaucrats salary.

Report's the Independent:
The IMF chief Christine Lagarde was accused of hypocrisy yesterday after it emerged that she pays no income tax – just days after blaming the Greeks for causing their financial peril by dodging their own [tax]bills.

The managing director of the International Monetary Fund is paid a salary of $467,940 (£298,675), automatically increased every year according to inflation. On top of that she receives an allowance of $83,760 – payable without "justification" – and additional expenses for entertainment...Stating that she had more sympathy for poor African children with little education than for jobless people complaining about austerity measures in Greece, she said last week: "As far as Athens is concerned, I also think about all those people who are trying to escape tax all the time. All these people in Greece who are trying to escape tax."
Speaking to The Guardian, she added that they could "help themselves collectively" by "all paying their tax," and agreed that it was "payback time" for ordinary Greeks.

Ms Lagarde is entitled, like many diplomats, to receive her income net thanks to the 1961 Treaty of Vienna.



  1. Even if she did "pay taxes", her entire payroll is financed by taxes, so whatever she earns net, is her earning tax free income.

    Taxation always creates those who are taxed, and those who tax. Progressives have a stupid stick up their derrieres when they believe everyone pays taxes, just because some government "employee" gets a take home of income of $400,000 a year instead of an imaginary, non-existent "let's pretend it exists so as to make it appear that taxes are actually being paid" $600,000 a year.

    It would be like a mafia thug collecting $500,000 in protection money for the family, and only taking home $100,000 of it. We're supposed to believe this mafia thug is paying protection fees just like everyone else.

  2. Of course she doesn't pay taxes - how do you pay taxes when you are paid with taxes? Great picture of her.

  3. It's actually quite amazing how many people I've talked to that don't seem to grasp this simple reality and continue to buy that there is anything called "government money" and bureaucrats help contribute.

  4. Isn't it interesting that the IMF (or most public and private organizations) has an automatic inflation index? It pays to inflate because people lucky enough to have automatic escalations can stay ahead of the game and not complain.

  5. As Leona Helmsley allegedly put it "only the little people pay taxes."

  6. Hypocritical little bitch. These bureaucrats have all of the nerve in the world. The laziest little punks on Earth and some bitch like this one has the gall to accuse others of not paying tax. Gee, you think almost half a million dollars is compensation enough?

    May the bitch rot in hell.

    1. If the "little people" don't see the hypocrisy, then it'll be too late by the time they do. That's what the elites are counting on.

  7. Isn't there a family resemblance between Lagarde and D.K. Strauss? Brother and sister or fraternal twins? Or perhaps Strauss went on a diet and you're got the wrong photo?

  8. I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that one could even immagine the head of the IMF, one of the most criminal and corrupt organizations on the planet, would possibly be hypocritical. Perish the thought!

    Come on people, GROW UP! She's a gofer - does what she's told, when she's told, by the Wizards behind the curtain. Good news is that the Wiz's are now shopping for Depends because no one is buying their crap anymore and they are going to have to do something with it... You have front row seats to the collapse of the global system, as day by day it crashes and burns. Think of the Hindenburg on steroids...

    Feel sad for Miss Christine. She has sold her soul to the devil, and will soon pay the price with a stylish new orange jumpsuit and matching ankle bracelets. The look on her face is the result of her seeing her own future. It is now only a matter of time.