Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cowen Comes Out More Aggressively as an Inflationista

This morning, in a tweet to Matty Igleseas, Tyler Cowen tweets:
I'm all for more active monetary policy, no dichotomy from me, others underestimate role of pvt. sector in fixing ngdp.
This is just terrible. It implies support for central banking and active money printing. Further, writing of "fixing ngdp" suggests the necessity that such  needs to be "fixed". Solid economic science requires that ngdp be pretty much ignored. The number is based on poorly collected data. Includes data for wars. Contains data for other conter-productive government activities. May include private sector data for projects that are at cross-purposes.

Focus on such a grand level sketchy data point is always the sign of a central planner, no matter what the disguise.

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