Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creepy One World Artwork at the World Bank HQ

Andre Grillon emails the photos:


  1. Terrifying.

    I wouldn't feel that way if their idea of a One World Currency was:


  2. okay, there's the "one". What does the "one hundred billion" note look like?

    1. It looks something like this:


  3. Kind of being optimistic starting with a note of value one, no? Perhaps they should just start printing billion dollar notes?

  4. If they started with .00000000000000001 then it would last longer until they ran out of space for zeros.

  5. Gee whiz!

    I don't understand all the hub-bub about the 'Globo' as a currency.

    As long as it weighs 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter and passes an acid test, they could call it the 'Gumby' or anything else and it would work as an international currency.

    Why does everyone get so huffy about the artwork? Does it really matter if it has a lady-liberty, a panda, or a globe on it?

    (It's a rhetorical question. The answer being that it only matters if someone is trying to steal.)

  6. Just use scientific notation.

  7. Realistically it's going to be hard for them in the Internet Age.

  8. Did anyone else notice that is says "Federal Reserve Note" under Global Bank Central

  9. Where is the wolf in sheep's clothing?

  10. I immediately noticed that the World Bank's one-world-currency bill includes the distinctly nationalist phrase "Federal Reserve Note." This tells me that globalists at the World Bank are expecting the globalists at the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank to play a significant role in the "proprietorship" of a one-world currency. For the past several years I've been predicting that a scenario like this will someday come to pass: Instead of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank going out of business, they will simply evolve (as planned) into the U.S. (or maybe even the North American?) branch of the "International Reserve" World Bank. That means this very same one-world-currency bill could very well bear the phrase "European Central Bank" in Europe instead of "Federal Reserve Note" (taking the many European languages into account). In England, this same bill may bear the phrase "Bank of England."

    P.S. It is amazingly convenient for the globalists, regarding their one-world-currency dreams, that their very own U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has been "unintentionally" destroying the world's reserve currency -- the dollar -- at a rapidly increasing pace for the past ten or fifteen years. Without the destruction of the world's reserve currency, the globalists would have a nearly impossible time pushing an "independent" one-world currency onto the nations of the world.

  11. Wow, these dudes of the NWO are brazen. They really have the details worked out for their one world government. Well, they won'y go very far. Soon Yahushua Messiah will head His own one world government. The Kingdom of Yahuwah is at hand. Repent ye!