Wednesday, May 16, 2012

EPJ Climbs Three Slots to 8th Most Visited Site

According to the latest calculations from The Capital Free Press,  is the 8th most visited libertarian website. This is up from a ranking of 11th last month.

Other noteworthy sites:


#5  Cato Institute


#25 Marginal Revolution

#28 The Libertarian Party

#31 The Ayn Rand Institute

#40 Foundation for Economic Education

#52 The Peter Schiff Show



  1. Off-topic: I did some searching in the archive and didn't find anything like this, though I suppose I may have missed it: Can you (RW) share some thoughts on different ways in which to own gold? Perhaps the ridiculousness of the collectible 28% tax rate on bars, coins, GLD, IAU, etc. Local versus remote brokers, physical versus electronic, gold versus mining stocks, etc. Yes, there's plenty out there already on these topics, but I'm curious about your opinions.

  2. Echo congrats!!!!

    Every AM first thing, I look at my faves (LRC blog, EPJ) and go eeny meeny chili beenie.

    see Bullwinkle J. Moose

  3. Congratulations. I am adding you to my toolbar. I always learn something on here and I love that you don't pull any punches.