Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Government-Free Floating City Off the Shores of Silicon Valley

Over 100 international tech companies have registered their interest in the floating geek city, Blueseed, which will be launched next year in international waters outside of Silicon Valley, by Peter Theil.

The visa-free, start-up friendly concept launched late last year aims to create a fully commercial technology incubator where global entrepreneurs can live and work in close proximity to the Valley, accessing VC dosh and talent as required, reports the UK's Register.

A new research report released by Blueseed reveals that the bulk of registered demand germinated from the US at 20.3%, Indian start-ups rank second at 10.5% and Australians third at 6%.

The research found that international start-ups nominated living and working in an “awesome” start-up- and technology- oriented space; proximity to Silicon Valley's investors and an alternative to having to get US work visas for company founders or employees as the key reasons for getting on board.


The Blueseed model budgets for around 1,000 live-in entrepreneurs on deck with costs ranging US$1,200 to $3,000 per month, per person for living quarters and office space.

It is most likely that Blueseed will revamp a decommissioned luxury cruise liner which the founders estimate would cost between $10 -$25 million to outfit.



  1. If they could put about a 5K ft. (3K would work for me personally) runway on a platform, I would be **so** there. Maybe, if I can talk my wife into it, I could do it anyway. :) It might be hard to not be stir-crazy after a while without a quick way to get to land.

  2. This is an awesome idea in principle. America needs a Hong Kong of its own.

    I just hope that whatever security that Blueseed ends up using is more competent than the terrorists we have here in the CIA, NSA, etc., who are always looking for ways to show us how necessary they are.

  3. Better yet, just buy a boat and anchor it in a tropical paradise with WiFi.

    If you get cabin fever, just MOVE de Boat!

    This "Blueseed" shit smacks of group-think, which smacks of statism.

    Just don't all flock to MY island.

  4. I was disappointed to discover recently that Peter Thiel is not only a Bilderberg attendee, but on its Steering Committee. It seems odd that he supports Ron Paul.

  5. One cannot become a billionaire without permission and membership in elitist groups. How else can they co op groups? Money buys influence and power. Sometimes one doesn't have a choice but to join. Perhaps Peter is in this group. Others can't join fast enough.

  6. i may do the same thing but for a more low-tech use- a casino/brothel.

  7. What a wonderful opportunity to convert swords into ploughshares by converting aircraft carriers (with it's own flight deck for anon 3:49 ) into floating cities capable of housing 6,000 or so. It would have an added benefit of self protection.

  8. Nice idea, but fundamentally stupid. What happens to the floating city when a hurricane rips in? or when the seas get abnormally rough? Just buy an island and institute free market economics there.

    1. Not stupid, what city do you know can pick up and move before a hurricane comes. I mean these are geeks right, so they will probably have the boat move itself based on radar.

    2. 1. There are no hurricanes off the coast of San Francisco. That's an East coast thing - stupid.

      2. Move the boat.

      3. Buying an island has been tried. The nearest government soon annexed it, and taxed it, and killed it.

  9. A starbucks and Coast Guard cutter at each end? The commute looks good - where will the WalMart and Nordstroms get enough room? Bike trails?

  10. "Government Free" only lasts until some government torpedoes the boat.

    The membership in an Elitist group does not depend on blindly following the Herd. Not every member of the Elite are stupid megalomaniacs.

    -name withheld

  11. It's truly amazing what this country (USA) has come to! This country once represented Freedom, now it's just the opposite. Scary times lay ahead and if you can, it's PAST time to make plans to leave.