Thursday, May 10, 2012

HOT Robert Rubin Warns of Mega Duress for U.S. Economy

Former Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO Robert Rubin states that the country's deficit will lead to some form of mega duress like high inflation, a long period of very slow economic growth and, most likely, a serious financial and economic crisis.

This is a much watch. Of all the insiders, Rubin has been most forthright in warning of the dangers ahead. He is an insider so he does have to pay lip service to Simpson-Bowles in his comments, but he knows what is coming.


  1. nothing precludes him from being right, and he is an insider. but i have no respect for him; nor can i put any level of confidence or trust in the notion that he would be acting in the best interests of anyone but himself. he played a leading role in creating this mess and, frankly, if he told me that tuesday follows monday i would require proof in the form of no fewer than five calenders, each published by different sources.


    1. You've got that right, michaelD. You're looking at one of the key criminals that set this disaster in motion and put it into high gear, the "strong dollar policy" which was nothing but rigging the gold and silver markets to keep their prices down (as much as possible), in order to cover over the debasement of the currency that really took off in '71 and has been accelerating ever since. This one piece of sh*t has probably caused the loss of more American worker's value (money) than any other conscienceless monster in our history. And you're right, whatever he does is for his own benefit, not for WeThePeople's...jt

  2. What's the definition of a "serious financial and economic crisis"?

  3. Why do these pricks like Rubin only take interviews with dumbazz interviewers like the ditz in this vid? Rubin was tight with BJ Clinton, the Mexico/Russia Bailout, CitiCorp corruption, and every other malfeasance of the 1990's fraud economy

  4. "Crisis we have will be greater and the measures we need to respond to it will be *harsher*..." Take home message then is if you aren't one of the elites, you're f*ked. They'll see to it...

  5. We have tremendous long term advantages... THE RULE OF LAW... Lol. What country is he living in?

  6. habius corpus....i snickered. this trashball doesn't know which country he's in.

  7. so he thinks the same people that are aiding the destruction of the very advantages he says the US has (habius corpus, rule of law, "flexible" capital markets)...will somehow come to their senses and ignore their own command and control mentalities to bring the US economy back. if as part of his answer he endorsed ron paul he might have some credibility.

    i bet you can go back a few years and find some nutty greek insider that was saying the exact same things...