Monday, May 7, 2012

I Will Be a Guest on the Peter Schiff Show This Morning

Tom Woods will be the guest host.

Listen free at I will be on at 11:05 AM ET.


  1. Speaking of online shows, what happened to yours? Will it be restarted sometime in the future?

  2. I would like to see Ted Nugent on Peter Schiff show.

  3. Bob, I'm listening right now and you're doing a tremendous job. I suggested to the producer (Tom E) to ask you to be a guest host going forward. I'd love it if you had your own show actually.

  4. I'm still waiting for the rematch with Schiff.

    1. And I suggest that if you appear on Schiff's show again, you go to his studio, and appear in person, instead of over the phone. That way, when Peter interrupts you (which he does a lot) he won't drown out your voice, and you can interrupt him back.

  5. How about interviewing Paul Zane Pilzer, a world-renowned economist, a multimillionaire software entrepreneur, a lay rabbi, an adjunct professor, and the author of bestselling books, one of which is about the S&L crisis? He's also into health and wellness.