Sunday, May 6, 2012

Serious Talk of Secession in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Sean Lawrence emails:

Hey Bob, 
I thought that you might be interested in this. I grew up near Detroit, but have spent a lot of time in the UP (Upper Peninsula). The folk up there are sick the union thuggery that swamps that state of Michigan, and are seriously contemplating secession. If there is any realistic chance of modern day succession, then it will happen here first:|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p


  1. I'm sure you mean secession, not sucession. That being said, here's to your sucess.

  2. "Congress would have to approve a 51st state..." Don't stop at the state level boys.

  3. Paul wins majority of delegates from Maine GOP
    Associated Press

  4. The UP is a drain on the LP. It would do them good to be their own state and stand up on their own two feet. Now if Detroit and Flint would go...

  5. The UP gets far more from the rest of Michigan than the other way around. There's been talk of UP secession for decades. It never goes anywhere because too many UP'ers know they'd be worse off.

    If the UP became its own state, it would be the least populated state by less than half. The lower penisula has added six new area codes in the last 20 years (for a total of 9), but the UP still has only one.

    The UP should be more worried about being let go by the rest of Michigan, something Detroit is experiencing right now.

    1. No, you are totally wrong. Lower Michigan is a totally bankrupt disgrace. The UP needs to get away from this albatross that is a poisonous cancer.

  6. The Yoopers have been talking secession since I was a kid. The issue got particularly heated when the trolls starting talking about outlawing bear hunting. I think they would be better off forging their own way, but the UP welfare rates might be the limiting factor politically.