Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is Ed Crane Counting His Days at Cato?

Sources tell me that Cato president Ed Crane thinks he may not survive at Cato and is contemplating setting up his own think tank.

Will money really follow Crane?


  1. I guess it depends on who the senior culprit is and what role he played in creating or maintaining a hostile work environment for women. What is the source of funds used to settle with these women? Donor funds? Insurance?

  2. Speaking of a hostile work environment, in the 1990's people put porn up on Cato computers all the time, especially in talking and joking about Jon Stagliano (deceased porn star and former Cato donor). Granted those were the early days of harrassment suits so these things were problematic at other companies at the time.

    Not to mention a couple of policy analyst wife swappers, and other assorted characters, it could be a stressful and freaky place to work.