Saturday, May 12, 2012

Krugman: "People Are Pretending to Be Me"

Here's a curious post from Paul Krugman:
I’ve been debating whether to post this, but I guess I probably should just for future reference. Apparently there are a number of people on the political right who have given up actually trying to refute what I say, and have turned to stupid pranks instead... 
What seems to be happening now is that people are pretending to be me and signing up for stuff — subscriptions to various things, presumably in the hope of cluttering up my inbox (won’t work — I have very effective filtering), stuff that I can only guess was supposed to cause embarrassment (I think a porn video site?), etc.. 
So, if anyone is thinking about reporting on something like that, it’s fake.
Paul, honestly, your regular commentary is embarrassing enough. Porn subscriptions are mild in comparison.

Don't you think this is a whopper of embarrassment?

If someone was really pretending to be you, they would have to walk the NYC subway system shouting, "Prepare for deflation. Bernanke needs to print. Obama needs to spend."


  1. To having soaring consumer spending people need to have real savings, less debt, confidence in the future, less regulation, lower taxes, prospects of peace and commonsense administration of justice.

  2. The fact that he said that means that he should never be allowed near money again. He shouldn't be allowed to talk about, to touch it, to use it or to even see it.

  3. Its stupid for those lamers to harass him like that. It does nothing to enlighten people on his failed economic theories. However what he really should be worried about is going down in history as the most clueless economics Nobel prize winner ever.

  4. More household spending? Has he come out yet with abolishing the federal income tax and SS tax? That would certainly help me out at this time.

  5. If people had any brains, they wouldn't pay for this guy to teach their kids.