Thursday, May 3, 2012

LBJ's Great Grand Kids Now Going Wild Inside Restaurants in Chicago

As the sun finally warms Chicago, LBJ's great grand kids have signaled they will be even more aggressive than last summer. Last year, packs of kids roamed Chicago's shopping area and grabbed purses and otherwise harassed pedestrians.

It appears they will be even bolder this year, if what went down on Wednesday is any indication of things to come. LBJ's great grand kids have decided to head right into restaurants and grab what they can.

On Wednesday, a number of  restaurants were flooded with LBJ packs, right in the high rent shopping district.

FOX reports:
Chicago Police are on the hunt for a group of robbers who struck several times Wednesday on and near Michigan Avenue [Michigan Ave is Chicago's answer to Rodeo Drive-RW]. 
Among the businesses they hit - Chili's at Ontario and State, Emerald Loop Bar and Restaurant near Wabash and Wacker, and a Corner Bakery near Michigan and Illinois. 
In exclusive video obtained by FOX Chicago News, the robbers are seen placing paper on top of customers' belongings at the Emerald Loop, then running off with the goods as the general manager starts to chase them out. 
"They looked like they were hoping to do some pick pocketing or upset our customers," said Charles O'Keeffe, the General Manager of Emerald Loop,  "Afterwards some customers told me that they knew they were going to be robbed, so they put their phones in their pockets, grabbed their purses. They could see and understand what I was doing." 
Here's how victims describe how the thieves operate: 
Several teens walk in, and at first only want to ask for you to contribute money for a cause.
In the meantime, one of them grabs your cell phone and takes off. 
Kevin Tobin and his brother fell victim to one of these flash mob robberies today, as well.
He tells us, "They came up and really made an aggressive solicitation for like basketball team sponsorship. It was aggressive. It was so over the top, we were both like, something's up here."  
Within a matter of 60 seconds, the robbers were off with his brother's iPhone. 
"Now this is kind of so over the top, that now you're like, now I can't even listen to somebody making a solicitation anymore because they might be trying to steal stuff. So, everybody loses."



  1. Inflation Nation is rapidly turning into the type of life that existed in Back To The Future II, when Biff ran the show.

  2. This kind of highly aggressive, organized, in-your-face property crime (as well as violent crime) by the youth has existed in the UK for some time now; it's basically the next step in the disintegration of society and the breakdown of the division of labor through the market economy. It's no surprise that we're seeing it in Chicago, with its extreme statism, political corruption, and civilian disarmament.

  3. With firearm ownership virtually illegal in the city by anyone other than a government approved employee, what do these kids have to fear? Ever notice how rare this type of stuff is in places where citizens are armed to the teeth?

  4. This same thing has been going on in Chicago for years. I was on Michigan avenue in 2000 with three lady friends when 7 guys surrounded us and while trying to "sell me a shoe shine" pushed me up against a wall and separated the ladies from me. I pushed my way through, literally grabbing the gals by the shirt and walked off. There were 2 cops on the street corner 15 yards away that did nothing. I told them about what happened... one shook his head and chuckled. The other said "they don't mean any harm. Havnt been back since.

    1. "Innocent people don't flank you." - Dave Champion

  5. They are not kids, nor are they grand. Scum, that you find in every large city now. Uneducated, non thinkers ready to get neanderthal with people because they can't earn what they want, so they take. Ah, yes " time summer in the city, back of my neck...". Good luck Chicago.

  6. Wonder why some cities don't have this Crime problem, check out the demography between Chicago and Portland....or Philly and San Diego.